“We Win” By MercyMe

I don’t, have to know you, just to know you
Have been lied to at some point or place
Well, I can relate
And you’re wondering, if it’s worth it
Heartbroken, feeling worthless
Oh the hurt is too great
Like a punch in the face

But don’t forget
We’ve got something else in common
Bigger than all our pain and all our problems

This goes out to anyone down for the count
It’s not over
Don’t give up, don’t throw in the towel
Just remember, who you belong to
Let Me remind you
How this ends
We win
Woah, we win

With the end of the school year soon to be in my rear view mirror, I have felt like I am losing in many ways.  The end of the year brings a lot of stress and anxiety for me, which affects my life in more ways than one.  The last few days have been particularly difficult. However, this song has given me hope that I will get through the end of the year and that I will win, because with God by my side, I can do it all.

This song has really shown me that with God, we don’t need to give up.  If you feel like life is giving you many reasons to “throw in the towel,” remember we have something bigger than ourselves that can help us win this fight.  You belong to God and He will get you through all the pain and problems you may be facing.  If you need a pick me up or a reminder not to give up, take a break and listen to this song as a reminder to who you belong to and who has your back.

God Bless!


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