“Battles” by The Afters

This current is trying to wreck me
Like castles of sand
My fear, like an enemy army
Is marching again
But I’m making a stand

You surround me on every side
Your love is my armor, I fear no evil
Darkness runs from Your light
So I won’t be afraid

You’re going before me and oceans are parting
You’re fighting my battles
When my feet are failing and my heart is shaking
You’re fighting my battles
Fighting my battles

We have many battles we face in our lives every day.  Some battles are harder to fight than others.  But one thing that is always certain in our battles is the fact that God is fighting them for us.  We may not understand why we have certain battles to fight, but we can have faith that God will surround us in His love and give us the armor we need to fight the battles.  If you are going through a hard battle right now, it will get better, trust me.  I’ve had my fair share of battles in my life so far, and every single one of them have worked out.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Take a break tonight, listen to this song, and pray to ask God to surround you with his armor of love to help you fight your battles.

God Bless!


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