“Sparrows” by Jason Gray

You can’t add a single day by worrying
You’ll worry your life away
Oh don’t worry your life away
You can’t change a single thing by freaking out
It’s just gonna close you in
Oh don’t let the trouble win

You may feel alone
But you’re not on your own

(Lalala) if He can hold the world He can hold this moment
(Lalala) not a field nor flower escapes His notice
Oh even the sparrow
Knows He holds tomorrow

Everyone worries, it is simply a part of life.  I have worried all my life.  It is a huge part of my life and it is hard to deal with most days. These lyrics speak to me in such a strong way because of this.  This song shows me that God is there and that He holds my life and knows what tomorrow will bring.  I can worry all I want, but it will not do anything to help the situation, only hurt it.  I love the imagery of the sparrow in this song. He knows that God will hold tomorrow and that everything that the sparrow worries about for tomorrow is already in God’s hands.  If even a simple little sparrow can believe that God will handle its life, then so can we.  Some days it is hard to do this, but at the end of the day I know that God holds tomorrow and that everything will work out the way it is meant to; worrying about it won’t do me any good.  Take a break tonight and if you have a lot of worry in your life, try and remember that God holds tomorrow and He has it under control, so there is no need to worry.

God Bless!


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