Be Brave Through the Struggle

“Struggle isn’t fun, but it’s an opportunity to be brave.”

-Rae Smith

Everyone struggles with something in life.  Maybe it’s insecurities, maybe it’s mental illness, maybe it’s financial struggles or family issues.  Whatever it may be, know that something good can come out of it.  Whatever it is, know that you can be strong and brave through it all.  Struggles can teach us a lot about ourselves.  I recently chose to be brave in talking about a personal struggle with mental illness and even though it is scary, it also shows me that good things can come out of having struggles.  I chose to be brave and share my story so I can inspire other people.  It helps me get through my struggle knowing that I can use it to help others.  Take a break tonight and think of how you can use your current struggle to make you braver, then try and do that thing that makes you brave, despite your struggle.

God Bless!


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