“Silence You” by Haley Orrantia

“You’re not everybody’s expectations You’re not just the cards you’re dealt. You aren’t a product of your generation You are what you make yourself Take all that you’re afraid to say. Post it up and put it on display You don’t have to play nice now.  Stay held down Shut up and keep your quiet. Don’t have to take the easy way out. Follow the in-crowd Stand up and make a riot Nothing’s gonna change if you won’t. No, nothing’s gonna change if you don’t It’ll be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do But don’t let them silence you.”

I came across this song on Facebook a little bit ago and I fell in love with it instantly.  This song is in the end credits of the new movie “God’s Not Dead 2.”  I haven’t had the chance to see it yet, but I’ve heard good things about it!  The message of the song, and of the movie, is simple.  Never be afraid to speak about your faith, no matter the consequences.  Show the world that you are proud to be a person of such a strong faith.  It can be hard to be open about it, but it is what God calls us to do.  Recently I have felt more and more called to try and do something about this sort of “mass exodus” from the Catholic Church. I feel as if God wants me to be part of the change and to show people that being part of a faith and having that knowledge that someone more greater than you is watching over you is the greatest thing in the world.  I learned earlier today that the only constant in life is God, and that is definitely true.  I want to show people that constant person and show them that He is great and all knowing and loving.  Take a break today, listen to this song, and decide how you will share the Good News and not let the world “silence you.”

God Bless!


One thought on ““Silence You” by Haley Orrantia

  1. Seen the move it makes you stand back and say . What God ask “who do you think I am ?” And want to stand up for your faith no matter the price. WHO DO YOU SAY HE IS.


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