Notice What’s Around You

“You hear, but are you listening? You exist, but are you living? You look, but do you see?”

Life moves pretty fast.  We often are moving too fast to notice things that are really important. This quote definitely speaks to that.  There are plenty of times that we are having a conversation with someone, but in our minds are never actually listening to what they are saying; we are busy thinking about what we have to do later that day or even what we are going to say in response to what they are saying.  We also often go through life without doing anything worth while.  We just go through the motions of our everyday activities that we don’t stop to do things for us.  We aren’t really living life.  It’s so easy to do in this day and age.  We often never notice things that are right in front of us.  We go through life so fast that we don’t look around at what is right in front of us and take in what we see.  I do all these things all the time.  Being a busy college student can have that affect on me.  Take a break sometime in the next day or two and decide how you can slow life down a little and appreciate more of what is going on around you.

God Bless!


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