“Christmas Is” by Francesca Batisttelli

Christmas is rooftops covered in lights
It’s away in a manger, it’s a wonderful life
Christmas is caring for those who got nothing
It’s dropping your change in the bell ringer’s bucket

Christmas is coming, Christmas is near
I’ve been counting down the days all year
Christmas is almost here

Christmas is all of these fun things for sure
But, Christmas is really, oh so much more
It’s good news of hope for the whole world because
Christmas is Jesus!

When I first heard this song, I knew I was going to enjoy it.  Not only because it’s sung by one of my favorite artists, but also the message that is shown through the song.  There is so much I love about this time of the year.  I love all the decorations and the love that seems to fill the air.  I love baking cookies and fudge with my family.  I love giving gifts that I know my family and friends will cherish forever.  But Christmas is more than all that.  It’s about Jesus.  Jesus came into this world to save us and be a light in the dark.  Christmas is the time to celebrate that and all that God has given to us.  Take a break today and listen to this song and reflect on how you will prepare to bring Jesus into this world this season.

God Bless!


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