“Name” by Nichole Nordeman

You woke up one day in a bad way,
With a dark heart in a small cave,
And decided to hide
For the long bitter night.
But one day someone loved you,
Let the light in, made the old new,
From the water and mud wrote you new name in love,
Now something about it just doesn’t seem real,
Sometimes that’s just how it feels.

You are still a promise,
Heartbeat of god,
You may have for gotten,
But he has not,
You are not your ashes
You are a flame,
Do not ask the shadows
The light of the world knows,
Knows your name.

I recently stumbled upon this song when I was listening to a Christian playlist on spotify and fell in love with it.  There may be days when you wake up not feeling like yourself, and you may even forget that God is on your side.  Everyone has been through a rough time in life and wondered where God was.  This song is a great reminder that no matter what you are going through and no matter what you may feel, God knows the real you and knows how important and special you are to Him.  Never forget that God knows the real you and loves the real you just the way you are.  Take a break today and listen to this song to remind you that God knows the real you and will never stop loving you.

God Bless!


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