“Feel It” by TobyMac

When I sit back and imagine
Life without You, I can’t fathom
How I ever thought I’d make it on my own
And there’s at least a million reasons
I’m still standing here believin’
You’re my comfort, You’re my healin’
This I know (this I know)

Well, you can’t see the wind, but it moves the leaves
From the bottom to the top of the tallest trees
You are everything I will ever need
And they can’t take that from me

Oh, I feel it in my heart
I feel it in my soul
That’s how I know
You take our brokenness and make us beautiful
Yeah, that’s how I know

TobyMac recently came out with a new album, This Is Not a Test.  It features many great songs, including this one.  This song was a single he released before the album came out, so I heard it before the rest of the album came out.  I love this song a lot!  TobyMac always has good, upbeat songs, and this is no exception.  Aside from the fact that this song sounds good, I think the message of the song has made an impact to the listeners.  I have always known that there is a God because I have felt his presence in my life.  This song is a testament to that.  Sometimes when people ask me how I can believe in something I can’t see, I tell them it’s because I can feel Him.  Just like you can’t see the wind, but you can feel it, so shall we feel the presence of God in our lives.  Take a break and listen to this song; and don’t be afraid to get up and dance too.

God Bless!


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