“Only A Mountain” by Jason Castro

Another day, another fight
It always feels like an uphill climb
Another step, another mile
The story of your life

It’s harder than you ever thought
And it costs you everything you’ve got
When you’re back against the wall
And you feel like giving up

This is only a mountain
You don’t have to find your way around it
Tell it to move, it’ll move
Tell it to fall, it’ll fall
This is only a moment
You don’t have to let your fear control it
Tell it to move, it’ll move
Tell it to fall, it’ll fall

If you’ve ever watched American Idol like I have (before it went downhill), you’ll recognize Jason Castro.  He was on the 7th season of the show.  He is now a Christian artist and has an album out.  This song is from that album.  I heard him first sing it at Winter Jam 2013 when he was just getting into the CCM business.  The message of this song is quite simple, but one you wouldn’t normally hear.  This song is saying that if you have a problem you are facing, just “move it.”  At first I didn’t understand it, but once I looked deeper, I understood what it was saying.  We should not let our daily troubles get to us.  All we have to do is “tell it to move” or give it all to God.  Don’t worry about trying to figure it out on your own.  God will help you understand what you are going through and He will get you out of it.  God moves mountains, and He can move yours (Mark 11:23).  There is nothing that God cannot do.  So put your trust in Him and tell your mountain to move.  Take a break today and give your troubles to God and move your mountain.

God Bless!


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