Song of Solomon 4:7

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.”

It seems that many recent trends on social media revolve heavily on people and their looks, whether it’s been the Kylie Jenner Challenge, no make-up selfies, or the most recent #dontjudgechallenge, they all focus on either making ourselves look better, or they help us show the world what we really look like.  I am all for girls embracing who they really are by doing things like posting no make-up selfies or doing the #dontjudgechallenge, but to me, these are also looking for approval of the world when we need to do things that earn the approval of God.  But that’s just it.  He already approves of what we look like because He made us completely flawless.  This challenge has good intentions, but I think that people should not look for approval of others, especially on social media, because that can also backfire and lead to harsh comments, also seen recently.  Once we remember that we are already perfect in God’s eyes, we shouldn’t need to validate that feeling on social media; just listen to what God has to say, as seen in this verse.  Take a break today and think of how perfectly beautiful you are in God’s eyes, not in the eyes of social media.  Then listen to this song to solidify those feelings.

God Bless!


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