“Tryin'” By Matthew West

I want to buy the world a great big trash can
Get all the beauty magazines that I can
Through them in and set them on fire
What? Yep, I’m gonna set them on fire
Cause every page is a lie they’re tellin’
And every face is a promise they’re sellin’
Those things got one less buyer
I’m not gonna walk that wire

I dont want to fit in
So much for measuring up
The truth is sinking in
Who I am is good enough
Who you are is good enough

No more tryin’
No more tryin’
Tryin’ to be
Anybody other than me
Cause I’m no copy
I’m no replay
I’m one of a kind
And starting now I’m done

Ever since Matthew’s new album came out and I heard this song, I have been in love with it.  Something I’ve always been interested in is the media’s take on what real beauty is and how many pictures are photoshopped.  This particular part of the song is sort of a slam on that.  Matthew is saying that he wants to throw away all the magazines because they are lying to us about what we are supposed to look like.  The song says that we need to stop trying to look like what others want us to look like, and focus on what God wants us to be.  We aren’t born to fit in,  We were born to stand out and once we realize we are one of a kind, we realize that we are enough.

Recently, someone was telling me that if I were to ever critique myself or find things I don’t like about myself, it is the same as criticizing God’s work because He made us; He made us in His image and likeness.  How do you think that makes God feel, when we criticize His work?  He probably isn’t too happy with it.  It put a new perspective on how I treat myself.  From now on, I am going to remember that when I criticize myself, I am really criticizing God’s work, and that isn’t fair to Him.  Take a break today and remember that you are enough, no matter what you may think of yourself, or what the media wants you to look like.

God Bless!


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