Three-step Method

Steps to solving any problem:

1. Tell God your problem;

2. Forget about it;

3. When you see Him start to work, jump in and help Him.

Most of the time when we have a problem, we often can’t find a solution to it.  But this new plan will help you solve all your problems from now on, big or small, long-term or short-term.  I found this in an article a friend sent me a few weeks ago that I just got the chance to read today. Out of all the steps, the hardest one to follow is the second step.  Oftentimes, problems can run our lives and we can think about them constantly.  But we need to remember to put everything in God’s hands and we will be in a much better place.  It is usually hard to give everything to God and let Him work, so that’s why the third step asks us to help God solve our problem.  As long as we listen to what God has to say and do what He tells us, our problem will be solved in perfect time, God’s time to be exact.  So if a problem isn’t being solved as fast as you would like, it’s not the time.  Only God can decide the right time for everything; trust His timing in everything you do.  Take a break today and give God a problem you have been worrying about and forget about it until it is time to help Him.

God Bless!


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