“For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.”

Tonight I watched Hercules and the movie got me thinking.  (This is the disadvantage to watching Disney movies as an adult, you analyze them.)  This is another great example of a Disney movie with a great message.  The whole movie, Hercules is trying to become a hero, so he does all these heroic deeds and saves peoples lives, and fights off monsters.  But when he finds out he needs to do more than that to be a true hero, he doesn’t understand.  A hero isn’t always famous and doesn’t always do big heroic deeds.  A hero is someone who makes a difference in other peoples’ lives, or does something meaningful for someone else.  Hercules sacrificed his life for Meg, that is quite heroic.  Only when he realizes what it truly means to be a hero does he finally regain his immortality to be a god again.  We all have heroes in our lives that have done things for us.  Take a break and send this quote to your hero, and don’t forget to thank them for showing you what a true hero is.

God Bless!


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