“World Changers” by Matthew West

In the face of fear, you’re fearless
You don’t care about being famous
And the world may never know your name but
The world will never be the same ’cause
From the ends of the earth to your hometown
To the lost, to the hurt, to the broke down
You’re the arms wide open
A love that’s showing every one of us the way now
Yeah yeah yeah

This is to all the world changers
Keep walking on, don’t you ever
Lose that fire in your soul
Lose that fire in your soul
This is to all the world changers
You know you are history makers
This world’s never gonna change you
You’re gonna change
You’re gonna change
The world (yeah)
The world (You’re gonna change the world)

This is a new song from Matthew on his new album that came out today.  It is phenomenal.  I’ve been listening to it all day; I love it.  This song says that even if you don’t think you matter to the world or you haven’t done anything worth while, you will.  Everyone has a purpose in this world and God put you where you are for a reason.  You will conquer your fears and you will have that “fire in your soul” to change the world.  You may have never done anything deemed “world changing” by society, but in God’s eyes, you are a “world changer.”  When you are there for someone in need, or you volunteer at your local food bank, to those people you help, you change their world for the better.  Take a break and listen to this song, then check out the rest of the album and all it’s wonderfulness.

God Bless!


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