Be Different

“Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.”

Ever heard something like this before?  I hear different quotes about being different many times before.  When I was younger, I would always try and act like other people or I would always follow what other people were doing because I wanted to fit in.  As I grew up, I slowly realized that it’s better to be your own person.  Being different is what makes you who you are.  I’m different in many ways, and I am glad I am finally able to say that I love being different.  I used to hate being different, but if I weren’t different, I wouldn’t be the Devon everyone knows and loves because I would be too busy pretending to be someone else.  I am constantly changing and finding who I am now that I’m in college, and I love that I am constantly improving myself.  There are some things I wish I wasn’t, but everyone has flaws.  Flaws are beautiful.  Never forget that.  Take a break today and reflect on what makes you different from others, and learn to love that about yourself.

God Bless!


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