Luke 9:24

“Anyone who wants to save his life will lose it; but anyone who loses his life for my sake, will save it.”

The season of Lent is finally here.  This year is going to be different for me.  This is the first year that I feel that everything I’m giving up or doing differently is a true sacrifice.  Tonight at mass, this was part of the reading.  I’ve always heard this verse and sort of knew the meaning, but tonight it became clear to me during the homily.  This verse says we have to do things that would glorify God, even if it hurts us in the end.  We should not try and save our lives because we want to live the way we want to, but we should strive to lose our lives every day to become closer to God.

Something else that was said in the homily was, don’t look forward to the Resurrection; it will come.  Live in Lent.  Take it day by day and focus on your sacrifice(s) to God.  My choice to give up social media and listening to music while walking around campus has allowed me to have more time to talk to God.  I feel a lot closer to Him this time around.  Someone brought this up to me the other day and I thought it was very interesting.  He said that most of the time, Lent is a time for people to compare their sacrifices and brag about what they are giving up, rather than focusing on that sacrifice and offering it up to Jesus the way he sacrificed himself.  This Lent, focus on your sacrifice and don’t boast about it.  Humbly give it up to God and work on not falling into the temptation to break it.  Take a break today and reflect on how you can live each day by focusing on your Lenten promise and sacrifice.

God Bless!


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