“A hug is worth a thousand words.”

-Author unknown

I love hugs.  At college, I don’t get hugs as often as I would like to but there is one person I can go to and I know she will always welcome me with a hug.  Today she gave me a hug at exactly the time I needed it; it was a nice long, meaningful one too.  That’s the best kind.  Hugs are beautiful.  They are comforting, welcoming, loving, and most importantly, they are a gift from God.  They are one of those little things we often thank God for.  Hugs are something we often take for granted too.  When I first came to school, it was weird not getting to hug the people I used to hug every day, like my mom, sister, or best friends.  But now every time I get a hug I am grateful for it and it’s more special.  Take a break today and hug someone who means a lot to you.  If they are far away, send them a virtual hug with this.  They will appreciate the kind gesture.

God Bless!


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