“Tching-tchinga-ryah is the blazing of the imagination bright, in the inspired moment raising hearts to a new creative height.  When inspiration charms your ear, playing her lyre, she sings your thing-tchinga-ryah.”

Ok, so this looks like jibberish right? It’s actually not.  We are singing this song in chorus for our next concert and I love the message of this song.  I didn’t know this until today, but thing-tchinga-ryah means whatever your heart desires.  Literally.  You can choose whatever word you want and replace tching-tchinga-ryah in the song.  Don’t believe me?  Look here.  It is in the explanation of the song.  This is amazing.  When someone told me what it actually meant, the song meant that much more to me.  I know this isn’t my ordinary type of song lyrics post, but this idea that it can mean whatever you want it to just fascinates me.  Choir music always has such wonderful messages that people don’t often pay attention to.  Now this is coming from a girl who’s done choir since she was in 2nd grade, so I’m sort of biased.  Listen to the whole song.  Look up the lyrics and replace thing-tchinga-ryah with whatever you want and think about living your life that way.  Take a break today and decide what your tching-tchinga-ryah is.

God Bless!


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