Work Hard

“Remember when you’re slacking off and screwing around, someone out there is working harder than you and getting better.”

As I sit at my desk procrastinating the philosophy paper I should write, this quote stuck out to me on my board near my desk.  As the end of the semester gets closer and closer, we tend to want to slack off and procrastinate because a.) we don’t want to do all the work that need to get done or b.) we simply don’t care.  Both of those excuses are not good.  As the semester comes to a close, we need to buckle down and get everything done so we can get good grades.  Last minute papers and assignments are never fun, especially while beginning to study for finals, but if we all remember to work as hard as we can, it’ll pay off in the end.  The semester is almost over and we can do it.  Even if you’ve been slacking off long enough, take a break and get into the mindset to get ready to work hard the next week or so; it will be worth it.

God Bless!


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