“You Carry Me” Moriah Peters

Feels like it’s been miles and miles
Feels like it’s an uphill climb
Sometimes I get weary on the way
But when I look back at where I’ve been
When I look back, I’m sure of it
I was right there in Your arms and I can say

Every moment of my life
God, You never left my side
Every valley, every storm
You were there, You were there
I don’t need to know what’s next
You’ll be with me every step
Through it all, through it all
I can see You carry me

This is one of my favorite songs and artists.  This song has gotten me through so many hard times.  It is a wonderful reminder that God is always there with us and that He will “carry us” through every trial in life.  I listen to this song when I’m going through a hard time as a reminder of this.  Moriah Peters has so many wonderful songs.  Her album “Brave” is very inspiring.  Don’t be surprised if I use more than one of her songs.  To watch the lyric video and to hear the rest of the song, click here.  While looking at this song, check out some of her other songs!  Take a break today and send this song to someone who is struggling through a tough time.

God Bless!


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